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  • Early Intervention  

    There are so many things to learn in life especially as a child. Many have trouble understanding and managing emotions, communicating feelings or understanding the world around them. Early intervention seeks to provide this understanding in a fun group based environment that doesn’t feel like learning to your child, to give them a greater start in life.

    School Learning Support 

    If your child has trouble with letters, numbers or colours we offer Educational therapy to help your child get a good start in school. Sessions are based around games and techniques that are fun and interactive. They will also help your child with concentration and classroom behaviours.

    Disability Programs

    Children with physical disabilities are often left out of group and sporting activities. We offer a range of activities with music, art and games that are fun and will improve coordination, interaction  and give a sense of inclusion.


    Assess and discuss your child’s current skill and development level to base and shape their individual therapy needs. We create a goal focused plan for the parents and child to work towards, continually monitoring and updating based on your child’s progress. Reports can be shared to other supports in your child’s life.

  • Parent Support 

    At Jelly Bean’s we aim to support the parents as well as the child. Once your child is registered we provide a 60 minute introductory session for parents to gain insight into how and why their child behaves the way they do. We also offer a comprehensive 8 week program to give parents skills and knowledge to support their child as well as themselves.

    Parents Lounge

    While your child is learning, we have a parents lounge where you are welcome to sit and join with other parents who are in similar situations. Meeting others and creating a strong support network is vital to stay healthy.Tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks all available at no cost - help yourself.

    Holiday Clinics 

    During holiday periods we will be offering sessions that are more focused on having fun and meeting new people. The sessions are with music, art or games and play. The cost of these is separate from your term fee.


    Fees are for a 10 week term period. An invoice will be generated each term. If you receive NDIS and are Self or Plan Managed you can use your funds for both your child and the parent support learning course. If you do not receive any funding, we can work out payment plans to suit.